NFTHive is our WAX Community Site and Marketplace. Its features include:

  • A Marketplace showing listings from various smart contracts such as atomicmarket, simplemarket, waxstash,, waxarena, waxinvetory, etc
  • Showing full Sets of over 100 collections and enabling users to complete sets
  • Bulk Operations for NFTs (Mass selling, buying, transferring, burning and more)
  • On site analytics, including Credit Card Sales, Drop Sales and Secondary Market Sales of various markets
  • WAXMarketCap

    WAXMarketCap is a standalone analytics site for the WAX blockchain, focussing on NFT Sales on Secondary Markets, Primary and Drop Sales:

    WAX Market Template

    The Market Template is an open Source market using the atomicmarket contract and public APIs. It includes:
  • Market Listings & Bundles
  • Auctions
  • Drops
  • User Inventory
  • Pack Openings

  • The Github Repository can be found here: WAX Market Template